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Business Adapter error 'The column 'xyzcolumnname', that is used for matching, has not been supplied

Hi Forum,

using latest BA 2022 R1 and when ever i create a new BA value and after mapping all the data getting the error.

'The column 'xyzcolumnname', that is used for matching, has not been supplied'. tried all update rules and still facing the same issue. the BA is to update few fileds in assets like retirement date, Disposal date and Retirement reason etc.

Any suggestions as the above error is not specific to this BA and seen with other BA's as well.

Appreciate your help

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By Level 6 Flexeran
Level 6 Flexeran

Hello @winvarma_MCI , can you please provide screenshots of the issue and BA configuration? I was thinking the value field might be either not configured for the Object used for the matching field or might be a null value from source.

I hope that helps


I also have this issue when importing Asset via a CSV using Business Adapter.

Did you find a solution?

I know this issue from different adapters... one workaround that helped me a lot (don't laugh) is saving the adapter, closing it and then open it again 😄
Do you use physical staging tables to select from for the import step?

This also seemed to fix for me,

Now I get an issue where I add a Query text, it appends it to the file nameBusiness Adaptor Error CSV.png


Why do you want to filter from the CSV file? I am pretty sure that the comma behind the first line in your query is causing this issue 😉

I would recommend not to filter directly in the staging step. Read the CSV as is and import the file to physical staging table. In a second (import) step you can then select and filter or transform the data directly from the staging table in sql server.

I would like to transform the data i.e. Change 'Operational' value to say 'Installed' ... for status.

How do I do this I do this in the 2nd import step. If there is Doco for this, I can read.