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Bulk loading/updating of hardware asset records

Hi, all.  Hope this is the right forum.  Newbie to this portal.  I'm a Flexnet user and my role is to collect bulk lists of new HARDWARE assets to create, or to process bulk lists of assets to set to 'disposed', etc.  

Each time I have to prepare a file with 100s of records in standard formats in standard named columns and submit it to the toolset administrator.  He then has to process the file, run it through a 'beacon' and many times there's an error that he encounters.  Ticket raised, etc.

As a 'user' I am able to create a hardware asset manually.  Does anyone know of a means that a user (non-administrator) can prepare a bulk loading file and place it in a specific location for Flexnet to scoop up, validate and process?  Subject of course to strict admin-controlled rules.

Many thanks in advance.

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By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

There isn't any approach I know of that where end users can upload arbitrary asset data can be done without some sort of specific process being implemented on your FlexNet Manager Suite system to support that. Processes along these lines that I've seen implemented include:

  • Configure a file share, SharePoint folder, or similar, where files to be imported are placed. Then configure a scripted process on an FNMS server to regularly check for and import files that are placed there.
  • Develop a web page that allows files to be uploaded and imported.

I've done some quick searches in Flexera Ideas but not found anything logged there yet which is related to this kind of use case. You may wish to log an idea there to provide an end-user accessible interface for uploading bulk asset data so that others can vote on it.

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By Level 6 Flexeran
Level 6 Flexeran

Hi Adrian,

The best approach for this is to build a template file, test it, and make sure that any data you include in the updates thereafter adheres to the data loading rules. There are some good docs on this, and there is a Business Adapter practice guide that may help too. My experience tells me that having a tested template will allow you to step away from any errors and will allow the admins to load the file without errors.

There are problems that you can come across (e.g. having new upload data fields with comma's in them, while you are using a CSV file!), but changing the delimiter fixes this and can avoid the problems. Its really about setting it up right at first and checking the new data.

For automation, I guess this could be scripted with PS or similar, but will need to have some good process around it. Not simple but could be done. I believe the Flexera Professional Services can do this, but there would be a cost associated.

For now I would suggest looking at the BAS guide and being fairly thorough on testing and data prep.




Thanks, Bob and Chris.  I also have a ticket raised on this and have our Customer Manager on the case.  Personally my problem is that I'm an end user in Finance trying to support different project teams bulk-upload their asset data so that we can use it in Finance.  All discussion on business adapters is foreign to me as I'm having to go to my SAM team system administrator at present and he also needs some help from Flexera to set this up.

For now it's still a case of the project team e-mailing him a file in the standard format as stated by Bob above.  he then turns it into a CSV and does his 'magic' in using the business adapters.

The solution that would seem to fit our purpose is for Flexera to work with us to setup a process that, as you say Chris, can look at a Sharepoint site and pick up various files in agreed formats, validate them then either process them or spit them back.

Hey Adrian,

I don't usually flog my wares on this portal, but l do think I have something that might assist you - we developed a tool to allow authorised FNMS users to upload files and execute adapters from a website, as well as pre-validating files and providing complete visibility of job execution.  It doesn't require Admin permissions or RDP access  - check out the TMG Business Adapter Portal .

We're a Flexera partner, and developed this portal for just this reason.  Feel free to e-mail me with any questions.