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Best Practice on Unlicensed Installations with Custom Metric Licenses

I have a number of applications that currently sit in the "Unlicensed Installations" pile that I'd like to clean up. 

I know that these applications are linked to licenses that are set up as "Custom Metric" for various reasons. An example would be IBM Workload Scheduler where use rights is based on the number of Jobs processed Per Month.

Now, because this license type does not reconcile against installations, how would one go about clearing out the Unlicensed Installations page given that these applications and installations do not count towards license consumption. 

Assume applications and versions are correctly linked to the license and devices are allocated to the license. 

Is there a technical way to overcome this with configuration changes. If not, what would be the best practice to manage this scenario?

I know there was an idea floated previously which was to create an "overhang" license, that captures all of these types of installations but this just didn't sit right with me, although I have used this in the past. The other thought was to simply change the Application status to "Ignored" but again, don't believe this would be considered best practice.

Would love to hear how other Flexera users have approached this or recommendations from Flexera themselves 🙂




*Running FNMS 2020 R1 (On-Prem)

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