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Azure Hybrid Benefit - Azure Connector for Paas and IaaS

By Level 10 Champion
Level 10 Champion

I understand that the latest version of the Azure adapter adds the ability to gather instance and licensing information for the Azure SQL VMs that are offered under Infrastructure as a Service. In this case we understand there is a need to have an inventory source such as the FlexNet Agent to gather HW/SW data and an associated inventory device.

Is there a solution yet for Azure SQL Database which is PaaS and we cannot deploy an agent to that? More and more customers are beginning to use that service and we are looking for a way to reflect consumption for these licenses within FlexNet Manager.

Has anyone found a way to show automated consumption yet besides potentially a custom metric  license? My hope was there is a way to use the "SQL Server Mobility" column with BYOL associated to a started instance that could be consumed, but I am suspecting since the current Azure adapter does not create an inventory device for the Azure PaaS then we can't show consumption.



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I would encourage you to create an idea in the Ideas portal and post a link to it here, as this may gain other forum members interest to vote for it then.