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Automatically Ignore Inventory

Is there any way to automatize the FNMS to ignore inventoried devices based on the last report date?

Example: The rule is to ignore the inventories older than 40 days. Is there some configuration in the portal or in the Business Adapter to do this?

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Hi @felipe_coelho ,

We can set the Ignore Device's inventory if its older that N days by setting the option in the inventory import settings available in the Beacon if we the source is from 3rd party inventory like SCCM/Citrix.

Not sure how this can be achieved by a Business adapter but i think its possible by running a custom SQL query but never tried.



Hi @winvarma ,

Sorry not to mention it before, but the inventory comes from FlexNet Agent, not from SCCM or other inventory source.

@gleonard any clues here?

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To be exact, the Flexnet Agent (actually the FNMSInventory database) is an inventory source on its own. The connection is call "FlexNet Manager Suite" by default.

I am not sure if the "ignore device" option is working in general or only if additional inventory sources are connected.

We usually do create custom business imports for such requests. As @winvarma  mentioned, this can be done with some SQL code. Here is a little example to review which machines would be impacted.

FROM ComplianceComputer

You'll have to consider some use cases, to make this really practical. Like, "What happens if a machine, once inactive due to being older than 40 days, receives new inventory again?" Or, "Are there other inventory states to consider?" Or "Are there other reasons why an inventory can be set to inactive (see assets)?

Best regards,




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