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Autodesk token-flex license

As Autodesk is moving to token licensing, does FNMEA support monitoring and measuring token licenses for Autodesk. If yes, how is it configured in FNMEA, it is different from the regular network license configuration using agents?

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If Autodesk leverages the FlexNet Publisher (fka. FLEXlm) as the underlying license server technology for its Token Flex licensing controls you can manage and monitor the license server and collect its report logs with FNMEA the same way as you would for the other licenses. You will have to ask through Autodesk whether it still leverages the Flexera license server technology.

You would also be able to leverage FNMEA for other license server technologies but that would potentially be a customized integration then (depending on the technology and what it offers for remote management and monitoring).


There are some Cognos-based example reports within FNMEA for token-based reporting:


FlexNet Manager Suite->FlexNet Manager For Engineering Application Reports->

  Token-Capability Reports

  Consumptive Token Reports