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Asset Status change from active to Dummy

Hi All,

Has anyone experience this before where an Asset status changes from Active to Dummy? 




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Hi @steven_donovan1 


Can you please confirm with screen prints.  I think you should find that the asset status is still active but that the inventory device which the asset was linked to and or is waiting for  is in dummy status.

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Here is the screenshot from the Asset History tab. No more inventory since it was removed from SCCM or Bigfix.


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It's admittedly not too clear in the history details, but that line is actually referring to a status change in the inventory device record associated with the asset, not a status change in the asset itself.

A change of an inventory device status to "dummy" occurs when the computer data associated with the inventory device is deleted from the inventory source (e.g. SCCM) and the inventory device record is still linked to an asset record. The inventory device record status is changed in this situation so that it is hidden from inventory device views in the UI; but the record still exists in the database.

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And what is the action to be taken for these occurrences? Something that needs to be cleaned or updated?
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@KMaria - You would need to investigate why the details of that inventory device were deleted out of the inventory source (SCCM?)

If the reason is because the inventory device no longer exists in your environment, you would then update the status of the Hardware Asset in FlexNet Manager to a status of "Retired" or "Disposed".

This seems to make a previously linked Inventory disappear.  Is it still in my SQL database just with a status of Dummy?   Is there a way to force FNMS to remember the last inventory without changing the status to 'Dummy'?   We intentionally have our SCCM only remember about 14 days but depended on FNMS to retain the inventory link.   If not, what is the difference between an asset that is set to Dummy and one that is "Out-of-Date" Inventory?

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HI @pchristian 

Again it is the inventory device linked to the asset that has changed from being active but "Out-of-Date"to dummy as it is gone.  The difference is that "Out-of-Date" inventory will still consume your licenses.

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