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Anaconda Licensing


In April 2020, Anaconda underwent a licensing change and introduced a commercial license. We've reviewed FNMS, and it categorizes versions released before April 2020 as "Freeware" and versions released after that date as "Commercial."

Freeware versions include:

  • Anaconda 2018.12
  • Anaconda 2019
  • Anaconda 2020
  • Anaconda 4
  • Anaconda 5.0
  • Anaconda 5.1
  • Anaconda 5.2
  • Anaconda 5.3
  • Miniconda3 22

Commercial versions include:

  • Anaconda 2020.11
  • Anaconda 2021.05
  • Anaconda 2021.11
  • Anaconda 2022.05
  • Anaconda 2022.10
  • Anaconda 2023

Is there any official documentation confirming whether these versions are categorized as freeware or commercial? This is important because according to Anaconda's FAQs, usage by individual hobbyists, students, universities, non-profit organizations, or businesses with less than 200 employees is allowed, while all other usage is considered commercial and requires a business relationship with Anaconda.

You can find more information at the following URL: (Question: "How do you define commercial usage?")

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I think that you're taking the right approach by checking Anaconda's licensing rules using their web sites, FAQs, etc. and please be aware that the link above includes a link to Anaconda's plans for organizations (which still may not answer all your questions though).  It may be down to the individual contracts signed which rules are in place for your organization specifically...