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Agent not working

Hi Team,


I have installed Flexera agent on DWP machine which is working on VPN. When i ran the inventory the data not populated in Flexera. i have checked the agent logs in installed Machine and found below error.


The certificate's CN name does not match the passed value.

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hi  ,

this seems to be a SSL certificate issue and check in that regard. Also try Adding/modifying the registry value CheckServerCertificate to 'false' in the device or in the mgssetup.ini file in the device for testing and see if the agent is able to communicate. Try to run the below command to see if the policy is getting updated.

start mgspolicy -t Machine -o CheckCertificateRevocation=false -o DownloadRootURL=https://beaconfqdn/ManageSoftDL


By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

The "certificate's CN name does not match the passed value" message indicates that the subject (DNS name(s)) configured in the certificate on your beacon do not match the DNS name that the agent is configured to use to communicate with the beacon. You may need to approach whoever issued the certificate that your beacon is using to discuss updating it to include the beacon DNS name that the agent is configured to use, or modify the configuration your agent is using to have a DNS name for the beacon that matches what the certificate allows.

The approach of setting the CheckServerCertificate agent preference to "false" as @winvarma has described is a reasonable path forward if you are OK to have the agent not check the validity of the certificate. However be aware that this approach will remove some protections against different types of attacks (such as DNS spoofing).

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