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Agent is pinging several beacons, but ping is not allowed

Hello Community,

I have a question about the process in the FlexNet Agent to determine the best beacon to send the inventory files to.

I understand roughly the process that the Agent on a device gets a policy from a beacon with included all the beacons connected to the Application server. To determine the connection to these beacon and the best beacon to send to it is pinging all the beacons and based on response time it prioritises the best one.

But if it is not allowed to ping, so ping possibility has been disabled to to security reasons, what to be done?

Gr, Frank

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Hi @Frank07 ,

As far as I know it will do a default prioritization, and try one by one to upload the inventory.  How ever I think there is a setting where you can disable this prioritization of beacon server.


There's actually a whole set of "Selector Algorithms":

  • MgsRandom
  • MgsIPMatch
  • MgsSubnetMatch
  • MgsADSiteMatch
  • MgsDomainMatch
  • MgsPing

And I believe, by default there is a set of them working together? Not sure though, it has been a while. There is quite some detail in the online help:

Best regards,



The default netselector setting is MgsDomainMatch;MgsPing

In the answer files of the agent setup, you can change this before installation.




To add on to the useful comments already provided here, the values can be edited manually in the [pseudo-]registry post-installation if required.

The algorithm(s) in use can be found  in 'SelectorAlgorithm' under the following path:

[HKLM\Software\ManageSoft Corp\ManageSoft\NetSelector] (32-bit)

[HKLM\Software\WOW6432Node\ManageSoft Corp\ManageSoft\NetSelector] (64-bit)

You could remove MgsPing from the list if ping is disallowed in your environment.



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