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Agent install verification

We have a deployment tool, Ansible, install the FlexNet agent on servers. Does anyone have an fairly instant and automated way to confirm the agent installed OK and can upload an ndi file? Looking for a command with feedback. I didn't see a good way to get "success" feedback using ndtrack, which doesn't even pause while it executes.

Only things I can think of is testing the web access to the upstream FlexNet server's ManageSoftRL site, or set a delay in the script and check the logs, like: Select-String -Path C:\Windows\Temp\ManageSoft\uploader.log -Pattern "Upload successful".

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Your thought process is better option to make sure inventory is getting collected and uploaded by  interrogating the logs for the last run. I would suggest to use tracker.log as tracker log contain the last run and upload within the process.

if you really want to make sure you can check service named ndinit is running and then interrogate tracker.log

Within FNMS you can check inventory source and inventory date that will show devices reported by Flexera Inventory agent.

See which options can help.


I am talking about during the install process, so I did not think ndtrack would have run yet. I would need to do testing on a fresh install.

Thanks for the info on ndinit.exe!
So something like this CMD (for Windows only):
@echo off
tasklist /fi "imagename eq ndinit.exe" |find ":" > nul
if errorlevel 1 (echo "ndinit.exe is OK") else (echo "ndinit.exe is not running")


ok, you want to check the status during the install process.
I guess you will find all information in these files:
installation.log, policy.log, tracker.log

In our environments we check the IIS logs and searching for NDI.GZ files.
When a NDI.GZ file of a device was not uploaded,
we recommend to start the agent again with: ndtrack -t machine

When the beacon server is working fine and the firewall rules are in place,
it should a high number of uploads. For the missing devices we start the
investigation, why the upload was not working.