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Agent Discovery and Inventory from Virtual Appliances

Hi there,

I'm not seeing two VAPs in our inventory that have confirmed IBM software installations and am unsure if the agent is not installed, or the agent cannot discover these device types.

Can the Flexnet Inventory agent discover and inventory virtual appliances?


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Assuming the underlying OS of your Appliance is supported by our agent, you should be able to either install the agent, use the Core Executable method, or run the scan manually to get the inventory.

Is the Core Executable method, or how to run the scan manually to get the inventory documented anywhere?

Minimal device properties returned in FNMS, but the server owner has confirmed the OS as RHEL 7.

If it a true virtual appliance that you can configure but not install software in, then No.

It will also be ignored by a VMWare inventory. 

If you are doing sub-capacity licensing, you will need to use ILMT.

Flexera recently closed my enhancement request and has asked for it to be added to the Idea section so the community can vote on it. 



Can you send me the link to the idea section and I'll take a look.

IBM Resilient Enterprise is installed on the device, but FNMS is not detecting it so I'd be interested to know why. Thanks

@mark_robinson - to navigate to the Ideas area of Community, click on the Product > Ideas menu option that appears at the top of the page.

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