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Adding a Custom Field to the FNMS On Prem All Licenses Consumption tab

We are trying to add a custom field to the “All Licenses” node Consumption tab.  We want to add a “Comments” field for each user that is consuming. 

We are using this code:

EXEC dbo.AddPropertyToWebUIPropertiesPage
@TargetTypeID = 12,
@ExcludeTargetSubTypeIDs = '',
@Name = 'GDMS_Comments',
@CultureType = 'en-US',
@DisplayNameInPage = 'Comments',
@DisplayNameInReport = 'Comments',
@RelativePositionTo = 'Used',
@TabName = 'Tab_Consumption',
@UIInsertTypeID = 2,
@UIFieldTypeID = 4,
@Position = 0,
@Width = 5,
@StringLength = 100,
@ReadOnly = 0 

It executes but we receive an error when we try to go into a license.  If we delete that custom field, the licenses page works again.

Do you see anything wrong with the script?



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Level 3 Flexeran

Hi Joan,

The only valid characters for a custom property name are A-Z, a-z and 0-9. The underscore in the name will be what is causing an error when trying to add this property.

It sounds like you might be trying to add a new column within the grid next to the 'Used' column. This won't be possible with a custom property. The only valid '@RelativePositionTo' values are given in the 'Positioning Your Custom Control' section in the doc here A custom property allows you to store some extra information against the object that you add the property to. So if you added a text property to a licence you can store a single value in that text box for the licence you're editing.

It isn't as convenient as right in this consumption grid, but it might meet your use case to add a new custom property on the user object. Then you can fill your comment against the user "User was assigned to License X because....".



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Level 5 Flexeran

Hello @joan_mckinley.

I am not 100% certain why you're seeing an error but I can see why the SQL above is not adding a custom property as you would like to see. The value in the '@RelativePositionTo' is set to 'Used' which is the label for one of the columns in the grid for the tab you reference in the SQL. Custom properties cannot be added directly to a grid. They need to be positioned adjacent to controls like text boxes and drop down lists/combo boxes and things like that. Once the custom property is added it can be used in a grid or added to the grid from the 'choose the columns to display' option at the top right side above the grid if it is of the type of information displayed in the grid.

The product documentation has a list of controls for each of the targets to which custom controls can be added. Licenses are found specifically here:

I hope that gives you the information you need.


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