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Adding Oracle IDS Licences - bundle or suite

Hi Guys,

I am looking to map our Oracle Internet Developer Suite licences to the applicable products that are included as part of the licence. 

What is the optimal way to do this, would it be a case of building the licence to include the various applications, with my understanding that the following applications should be included >

Oracle JDeveloper                                                                              

Oracle Forms.           

Oracle Reports.                                                                                

Oracle Designer.                                                                                         

Oracle Discoverer.                                                                                     

Oracle Software Configuration Manager.                                                     

Or is building a suite or bundle a better use case for this type of licence.

I'm guessing there is no entry in the PURL for Oracle IDS, that I can take advantage of?


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Re: Adding Oracle IDS Licences - bundle or suite


I just asked the content team, and you're right there's no entry for Oracle IDS in the PURL. However, the content team is willing to work with you to get it added. Therefore I'd recommend that you leverage the support case that has been automatically created based on this community thread to request this effort from Flexera's content team.