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Add a new Vendor


how can i add a new vendor, that is not yet in flexera.

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@Giacomo90 - WIthin the FNMS UI, navigate to Procurement>Add a Vendor.  Type in the name of the vendor and Save.

Alternately, you can navigate to Procurement>All Vendors.  On this view, there is a Create a Vendor button.

there is only the possibility to download a file pdf,clv,rtf,xls with all vendors. at procurement there is listed only all vendors. maybe download the file add the vendor and upload it? but where?Unbenannt.PNG

@Giacomo90 - You will need to talk to your FNMS Administrator as it appears that you do not have the Security Rights to create a vendor.  See the image for the specific security rights that can be assigned to a user to manage Vendors.

how can i find out how is my administrator and have the rights?

That is not something that I can help with.  A couple of suggestions:

1) Talk to your co-workers that also access and use FNMS.  One of them may have this information.  In addition, one of them may have the ability to Add a Vendor on your behalf.

2) Who was it that gave you access to FNMS originally?  That person is likely an Administrator of FNMS.