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ARL & PURL - Link for a manual extract

Hi Team,

Am looking for a link to the latest ARL & PURL.  We've having issues with it failing automatically and want to load it manually to try and clear the error.

Have looked through the Flexera Community and the links have old data stamps, so doesn't seem to be the latest ARL & PURL.



Karyn @ Westpac Oz
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Typically these are available via the PLC under "Other Resources" - are you not able to see the "FlexNet Manager Platform Content Libraries"? These look recently updated from my view, if you can't see the same versions please raise a support ticket and attach any logs of the failures you mention.


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― Jean-Luc Picard

Perfect thanks. I didn't go into the 1st link where it calls out April 2015 dates, but when you go into the content packs to download them, they are correctly reflecting the actual ARL, PURLs etc.

Should have done one more click yesterday.

Thanks again.

Karyn @ Westpac Oz