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API for reporting

I am looking into a possibility for FNMS connecting to another system (Tableau) to produce comparative reporting with information from another system. 

Does anyone know if there is an API connection for FNMS?

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It may be easier for you to do the comparative reporting outside of FNMS, maybe in Tableau (although I don't have any experience with Tableau). E.g. export the FNMS data of interest, or perhaps connect directly to FNMS' Compliance database (alongside the other data source) from the reporting technology (the latter merely possible if you're running FNMS on-premise though...)


Hey John,

We're a bit apprehensive about going to the cloud for this same reason. We collect data from the database and use PowerBI to produce dashboards. Any idea when the API will be available to produce similar data?


Did you investigate which data is available as of today, and if yes, did you ask for the missing data to be added to the ITAM data API, e.g. by raising this as an idea or vote on any of the existing ideas in the Ideas portal ?

FYR, Exporting IT Asset Management Data Using an API that then references IT Asset Management Data API provides details about what's currently available...



Using the getcustomview call works very well to extract data from FlexeraOne.  The only restriction is that you can only extract report objects - so if you can't report on it - like discovery - then you can't extract the data.

Regards, Nico