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Flexera ARL now recognizes the Java Commercial applications down to the build level and has started a process to reduce the number of evidence used for recognition to a minimum to ensure reliability and consistency and remove the risk of errors.


Particularly Java Platform file evidence will be restricted to java.exe on Windows, and all other file evidence will be removed.


Customers should expect to see a significant reduction in the number of files evidence used for Java recognition, but the level of recognition will stay the same.


Jdk.exe and jre.exe are now used to recognize the Java Development Kit and Java Runtime Environment public and commercial applications.


These changes are going to be part of the 27th August 2021 ARL release.


The Flex Net Manager Inventory agent, starting with FNMS 2020R2.5, collects evidence on Unix creates file evidence that retrieves the result of the "Java -version" command down to the build level, where available.


Installer Evidence for Java will still be used because customers may use older versions of the agent, but Unix file evidence will be added in the coming quarter.