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Microsoft Visio and Project products differentiation w.r.t on-premise version (Microsoft Installer aka MSI) versus cloud version (Click-to-run aka C2R) has been an issue since the same installation technology i.e. C2R can be used to install both on-prem volume based purchases and cloud subscriptions. Hence, the evidence pattern for both are same and no other properties of evidence could be utilized to differentiate the versions.

Solution – Content team has addressed ambiguous recognition scenarios, and considered to merge separate applications in ARL to a single application. Its respective Evidence, SKUs, PURL templates and Bundles have been handled and re linked accordingly. The new merged application is named “Office Visio <version> Professional” and application “Visio Pro for Office 365 2016” has been deleted. Our scope is version 2013, 2016 and 2019.

These updates have been published in the recent Content release, which was published on 29th May 2020 for FNMS on-prem customers and FNMS cloud customer will have their new build on 01st June 2020 i.e, ARL build # 2517 and SKU/PURL build # 454

Action required – Please check your license positions once the new build is applied. Licenses created through ARL may need some manual intervention to allocate licenses appropriately.

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