Content Notification - EOL Dates improvements in Software Lifecycle Data Pack (SLDP)

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As part of ARL-Technopedia content unification, specifically the lifecycle content between Software Lifecycle Data Pack (SLDP) and Technopedia Lifecycle Content Pack, we plan on making improvements on EOL dates in SLDP by bringing:

  • new EOL dates for ~30k applications
  • updated EOL dates for ~10k applications

These changes are expected to be part of the 3rd week of the October ARL release. This kicks off the automation of dates synchronization from Technopedia to SLDP as part of the weekly ARL release going forward.

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Additional to above mentioned numbers, As part of  12th November ARL (build 2640) release,  We have added below EOL dates in SLDP: 

  1. New EOL dates added for ~9.5k applications
  2. Updated EOL dates for ~6.8k applications