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By Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran

The Flexera content team will apply two changes to Java Platform recognition: 

  • Stop using installer evidence. Installer evidence can cause false positives (Oracle Universal Installer Evidence particularly) and prevent from using the exemption by file path. Indeed, the exemption by file path works when only file evidence is triggering the application recognition. When a mix of file and installer is causing the recognition, the exemption will not be applied as the installer has no installation context and a safe approach is adopted that leads to not exempting the installation. These Installer Evidence will be linked to newly created ‘Java Unmanaged’ application.  
  • Add Javaw.exe to file evidence recognition. Javaw.exe is the non-console version of java and happens sometimes not to be co-installed with Java.exe. Installer evidence normally triggers recognition when java.exe is not present, but this recognition will be stopped (see first item). Javaw.exe signatures will be added with the same version patterns as java.exe for the recognition of Java Platform (commercial). This could cause an augmentation of recognition, but the installer evidence was normally anyway triggering the recognition. 

We remind that on Unix, agents of version 2021R1 or later are necessary to correctly recognize Java (with version and installation path). Previous versions of the agent are just collecting file names (along with their path) and no version or company name... and OUI evidence (that will no longer be used). 

These changes are going to be part of 21st April 2023 ARL Release.  

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