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By Level 9 Flexeran
Level 9 Flexeran

Simplified and easy to manage purchase order processing and transparency

Flexera appreciate our customers and partners valued feedback to improve our solutions to provide more value (decrease time to value), we have made purchase order processing simplified, transparent, and easy to manage in FNMS 2020 R2.1 (next cloud deployment release).

Transparency into software product SKU’s description and licensed metric type

We have made SKU product description and license type transparent in the purchase order management views in FNMS 2020 R2.1. This will decrease the time to value and help users to quickly find all the relevant SKU’s to a product AND/OR related to a license metric type.
The following screenshot shows the SKU description related to a product and license type that SKU offers. You can group by to find all the SKU description to find all the SKU related to a product OR license type.


How to find relevant SKU’s

Users can do group by SKU description to find all the relevant SKU/s OR SKU’s that are not recognized (SKU’s with empty SKU description).



Automatically recognize unrecognized SKU’s when added to the content library

From the 24th of December 2020, the SKU library update has auto SKU recognition capability for SKU’s, those were not available in the published SKU library when purchased SKU/s was imported into the FNMS.

Now existing (already imported into FNMS) unrecognized SKU’s, will be recognized automatically when added to the Flexera SKU library by the Flexera research team.

The following screenshot shows an unrecognized SKU with a missing hyperlink, when SKU added to the Flexera SKU library, it will automatically be recognized.



Note: This change will work on the existing released version as the change is part of the SKU library update.

Simplified purchase order processing

When a user is processing purchase order/s SKU of type maintenance, it will automatically get the latest expiry date from the selected purchase order/s to be processed and let the user proceed (manual selection is not required anymore). Purchase order processing provides flexibility to users to override the available expiry date from purchased SKU/s if required by choosing a date through Until option.



When a user has chosen to override the expiry date, each processed and linked purchased order to license persist its own expiry date, user-specified expiry date get set as Support upgrades until a set date on license properties upgrade rights.



Note: More improvements to follow.