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With the FlexNet Manager Suite 2020 R1 release we introduce the Oracle Transparency capability for all on-prem customers. 

Oracle Transparency was already introduced for the FlexNet Manager Suite cloud in August 2019 fully implemented as a cloud-based service. Here is the announcement of the functionality of the cloud version. In contrast to the cloud version, Oracle Transparency has been completely re-implemented as an on-prem version. 

What it does:

This feature is aimed at making it easier to investigate the results of the Oracle Database Option and Management Pack license position presented in FlexNet Manager, allowing you to take any corrective actions quicker. Now you'll see all of the pieces of evidence found by FlexNet Manager and be able to see which piece of that evidence was used to determine license positions.

How it works:

Within the Oracle Instance Properties on the Options tab, the Oracle Options and Management Packs of an Oracle database instance are displayed. The Used-column shows whether an option or a pack is in use and must therefore be licensed.

screen_OT_Oracle Instance Properties.PNG


With the FlexNet Manager Suite 2020 R1 version, this column is displayed as links. Clicking on the Yes/No value displays a dialog with details about the option or management pack. The following screenshot shows the details of the Real Application Clusters option. All pieces of rule evidence that must be checked with this option are displayed and explained.

screen_OT_UsageDetals-Real Application Clusters.PNG











Why is it important?

This is a specific extension that is always needed when questions about Oracle Options or Management Packs arise. Up to now, these questions could not be answered directly. For this purpose, the Oracle LMS raw data had to be analyzed in a complex way, which requires specific expert knowledge. Our support team was also frequently consulted for more assistance. All this was time-consuming.
With the Oracle Transparency functionality, the details about why an Option or Management Pack is used and subject to licensing can be answered more easily and quickly. Oracle database experts can work directly with the information and apply this knowledge to license optimization.

What is needed?

The functionality is available for all FlexNet Manager Suite Datacenter customers and customers with the former Oracle Blade.

ARL (Application Recognition Library) updates deliver modified and extended definitions for the detection of Oracle options and packs and the associated evaluation of details. This ensures that detection updates will easily be available in the future. We regularly work on improving and extending detection for Oracle Options and Management Packs.

The evaluation of the Oracle Transparency details takes place with the import and processing of the inventory data. The Oracle Transparency Details can only be displayed when a new inventory is performed for the Oracle database instances. Otherwise, no details can be displayed and a message appears stating that no detailed data is available.


Please have a look at this new feature and give us your feedback in the comments.  We are always interested in your feedback

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