Improved detection of Oracle Options and Packs with the ARL update #2502

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The Application Recognition Library #2502 release contains the following changes and improvements in the detection of Oracle database Options and Packs. 

  • Adoption of latest Oracle licensing rules for the Spatial and Advanced Analytics options, which are free from Oracle database version 12.2.
  • From version 19 the Multitenant option is only required if more than 3 pluggable databases are used.
  • Extended SQL queries to recognize more complex usage of Oracle Options and Packs.
  • Enhanced mapping of Oracle Enterprise Manager managed Packs to DB instances.
  • Multiple enhancements and reduced false positives for the following Oracle Options:
    • Advanced Compression
    • Advanced Security
    • Audit Vault
    • Partitioning
    • Real Application Cluster
  • Enhanced detection of the following Oracle Management Packs:
    • Active Data Guard
    • Change Management Pack
    • Configuration Management Pack
    • Data Masking Pack
    • Database Lifecycle Management Pack
    • Diagnostics Pack
    • Provisioning and Patch Automation
    • Tuning Pack


These improvements can be used by applying the new Application Recognition Library version.
The Oracle database transparency function as part of the FlexNet Manager Cloud release has been updated to show the corresponding transparency results. (Learn more about transparency for Options and Packs)
With the upcoming FNMS 2020 R1 version, the Oracle transparency function will also be available for on-prem customers.

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Thank you for the info.

However, we are running ARL #2512 and Spatial is still listed as commercial. Isn't that unexpected?


@INgrid - Oracle Spatial is still commercial on older versions of an Oracle Database.  The main difference here are the updated Oracle LMS Rules for the agent. 


For example, if there is an Oracle Database of version 12.2 with the "Spatial" option pack, we would no longer consume this install of Spatial against a "Spatial" license because it is free. 


If we find "Spatial" on an older version of Oracle DB, we would consume it against the license, as long as that option is "Used".

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