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Flexera Alumni

Even software is mortal. FlexNet Manager helps you manage the life cycle of your software. Flexera’s Learning Center provides you the information needed to get going from scratch or get a refresher on the powerful tool. You'll see a series of tutorial videos for FlexNet Manager.

The FlexNet Manager Suite of solutions are all utilized in different ways to manage your software. You can see how each product provides a solution in the software life cycle:

How to get started with FlexNet ManagerHow to get started with FlexNet Manager

The magic starts to happen when you figure out how many applications your company has deployed compared to how you own. From there, you’ll have to add your hardware and software inventory, which is reconciled against Flexera’s library to normalize the list of installed applications. FlexNet Manager’s engine for checking licenses performs daily

In “Introduction to FlexNet Manager Suite UI,” you’ll be walked through the basics of the user interface for FlexNet Manager. You’ll see how to switch between tabs, including the Management Dashboard. This dashboard is where you’ll find granular-level information about licenses and hardware. And you’ll be introduced to discovery tools, procurement information and more. This is also were you’ll find the Reports tab for generating up-to-date on all your assets.

Several modules also will walk you through how to set up filters, both at a basic level and more advanced options.

See what the Learning Center has to offer for FlexNet Manager: Getting Started with Software License Optimization in FlexNet Manager