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By Level 9 Flexeran
Level 9 Flexeran

What is the difference between installed inventory agent vs agentless inventory?

Installed inventory agent and agentless inventory collection, collect the same inventory data but there are differences what agentless cannot do. The aim of this post is to provide clarity that will help in decision making.  

Installed Inventory Agent

  1. Collects complete inventory data
  2. Software usage data 
  3. Required for IBM sub-capacity reporting to track assigned resources
  4. Easy to manage, once inventory agent is installed it will keep on collecting and uploading data 

Agentless Inventory 

  1. Collects complete inventory data
  2. No software usage tracking (required installed agent on a device)
  3. No frequently changed assigned resources tracking (required installed agent on a device)
  4. More management required
    1. Inventory beacon requires consistent/reliable access to the remote device/s to connect to collect inventory data
    2. Inventory beacon requires credentials to connect to the remote device
    3. Assignment of site/subnet/devices to Target to make sure the targeted devices list is up-to-date