FlexNet Manager Cloud Data via REST APIs

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Applies to: FlexNet Cloud for North America and APAC clients only (EU coming soon)


Historically, the data exports were limited to exporting data using out of the box or custom reports. Until now, this limited what data customers were able to extract from their FNMS Cloud environment.

We’ve heard the requests and are happy to share that we now have a preview version of REST APIs available for FNMS Cloud. The APIs provide the ability to export data in bulk securely. 


How do I get access?

Well, given COVID-19 situation we are practicing social distancing and limiting access. Just kidding, the access is restricted to a limited group of users as we are still in beta. If you are interested, reach out to us via this form.


What APIs are available?

  1. Active devices with installed software
  2. Exporting Assets
  3. Exporting License Attributes
  4. Exporting License Entitlement


Is there any documentation?

Yes, refer https://fnms-data-api-docs.s3.amazonaws.com/index.html