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Flexera Alumni

As we engaged with several customers and partners in discussions around FlexNet Manager Analytics, we have identified a desire to replace the existing “static” Management Dashboard in FlexNet Manager (the typical landing page) with a fully configurable dashboard.

At this time, we have an early version available in our Cloud environment and as part of 2020 R1 on-premises release.  In both cases, the dashboard is still very much under development, but we decided to release a preview of this feature in order to collect feedback, with a goal of finalizing and fully supporting it before the end of this year.

You can access this configurable dashboard by adding /Management/Dashboard to your FlexNet Manager Suite URL (if you are on premises, you must install 2020 R1 version first).

Since we have the ability to make frequent updates to the Cloud environment, the version of the configurable dashboard is a bit more advanced than the one included in the 2020 R1 on premises version.

When you first load the configurable dashboard, it will be blank (as shown below).



You can use the “Add Widgets” function to add widgets you feel are useful in your role and then you can use “Manage Dashboard Templates” to save your dashboard.

If you are using the Cloud version, you will also be able to “Manage Custom Widgets”.  This will allow you to create an Analytics based widget and have it display in the management dashboard.

And ultimately, this is the goal of the configurable management dashboard feature: To allow you to create your dashboard, or dashboards, share them with other users and add custom Analytics-based widgets to tailor your experience, so YOUR DASHBOARD can look like this:



Or like this:


Or any other way YOU decide is right for YOU.

So, please take a look at this feature and share your feedback in comments to this blog.  We are ALWAYS looking for your feedback.

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