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By Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran

We STRONGLY recommend a full audit of your Adobe licenses and applications after applying the November 29, 2019, content update. Please read this ENTIRE post for details.

In May 2019, Adobe marked specific older versions of some products as not authorized for use.

Flexera will be releasing FlexNet Manager content libraries containing updated Adobe ARL, SLDP, SKU, PURL, and bundle content to support this change on November 29, 2019.

Also, Flexera previously released ARL changes on September 13, 2019, updating the publisher name in the ARL from “Adobe Systems” to “Adobe.”

What’s changed?

If you have Adobe licenses or applications in your environment, you'll notice the following changes in your environment:

  • Affected Adobe application versions now include the word “UNAUTHORIZED” to indicate that Adobe no longer provides a valid license for all the included third-party content in these applications
  • We have also updated the old name “Adobe Systems” to the current publisher name of “Adobe”
  • Adobe licenses newly created from SKUs and PURL templates will no longer include unauthorized applications. (NOTE 26 Nov. 2019: Some customers are currently experiencing difficulty creating Adobe licenses directly from PURL templates without SKUs. We're working separately on this issue)
  • Recommended License Changes will be generated against affected existing licenses; however, a FlexNet Manager issue is preventing these Recommended License Changes from updating the licenses. We’ve provided remediation guidance in the next section

What actions do I need to take to keep my Adobe licenses working?

When changes to FlexNet Manager content are required to keep up with publisher activity, we always strive to prevent unintended changes to license positions. However, that wasn't possible in this case due to the current limitations of FlexNet Manager. In order to provide our customers with protection against Adobe or third-party audit, we'll release these content updates in spite of these issues.

You should be watching for three specific issues:

1. You may have unauthorized Adobe applications (i.e. with the word “UNAUTHORIZED” in their name) linked to licenses

REMEDIATION: Delete the unauthorized applications from the licenses (this can be done by manually editing either the applications or the licenses to remove the association).

2. You may have Adobe licenses with missing upgrade or downgrade application versions

REMEDIATION: Toggle the upgrade and downgrade rights off and then back on to repopulate the upgrade and downgrade versions.


3. You may have unauthorized Adobe applications deployed, with or without a previously valid license

REMEDIATION: Remove the applications as soon as possible from your environment.


Ask them in the comments. For specific requests, you may need a Support ticket.

Happy licensing, and stay safe out there!

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