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FlxException: Vendor keys do not support this platform while getting licensing from LicensingFactory

SDK 3.1.1 on Java 11.0.4 on Windows10x64

I'm trying to get Licensing from LicensingFactory using IdentityClient class downloaded from FlexNet Operations. I'm getting FlxException:  Vendor keys do not support this platform.

What could be the issue here and how can I proceed to troubleshoot it / resolve it?

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I would suggest that you open a new support case for this issue, as we will likely need to take a look at your vendor keys to troubleshoot further. 

The vendor keys should be a set of 5 hexadecimal values along with the vendor or producer name. If you are not sure where to locate this, you can use the printbin.bat utility on one of your identity binaries (e.g. find the utility under .\bin\tools and run: printbin IdentityClient.bin). This should display the vendor keys. Please provide these keys in the new case.

Thanks for a quick reply.

Where can I open a support case? All I can find on this site is a list of phone numbers for various regions.

Is there a ticket submission form somewhere that I've missed?

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At the top of this page, you should see a 'Get Support' drop-down menu. Under there, you should have the option to open a new case.