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Technopedia Hardware Eligibility

Technopedia Hardware Eligibility


This article discusses Technopedia hardware eligibility.


In general, Technopedia customers can expect to see or request to capture any technology hardware products from various categories and sources in Technopedia. There are some items that Technopedia will not capture, unless there are valid and/or compelling reasons.



The following is the list of items that Technopedia generally avoids to collect:

  • Hardware parts and/or components - Defined as elements of another (larger) device and cannot operate standalone. Examples: computer motherboards, RAM sticks, etc.
  • Hardware modules and/or add-on - Defined as optional hardware items that significantly supplement or enhance the functionality of the original unit. Examples: sound cards, graphics cards, DVD/CD ROM drives, etc. Exceptions are made case by case when the item is something that has substantial monetary value.
  • Supplies and/or consumables - Defined as hardware items that are consumed during the usage of the main device, and that may be destroyed, dissipated, wasted, or spent after the usage. These items are usually excluded from warranty policies. Examples: printer toners, ink cartridges, etc.
  • Miscellaneous hardware accessories, peripherals, and auxiliary devices - Defined as nonessential but desirable items that contribute to how the main device operates. Examples: laptop charger, computer headset, etc.
  • Packaging or bundling of multiple options of a device according to various demands. Note that Technopedia will capture components of the bundle individually (if all other eligibility criteria are satisfied), but the bundle or package itself will not be captured separately.
  • Gaming hardware and other hardware entertainment-enabled hardware devices. Examples: PlayStation, Xbox, home theater devices, mp3 players, etc.
  • Technopedia generally avoids capturing hardware products that cannot be classified under any existing category in the Flexera Taxonomy structure. Exceptions are made case by case when Flexera receives multiple requests on the same product (or product category) from different customers. In this case, Flexera will investigate the possibility of adding a new category to capture those devices (assuming all other eligibility criteria are satisfied).
  • Technopedia will capture industry-vertical-specific devices under separate vertical subscriptions where customers are required to have the specific subscription to view those devices. An example is Medical Devices for customers who have the Medical vertical subscription.
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