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The Normalize gap-fill process refers to the process of reviewing 'Unknown' entries from the Normalize result and turning them into 'Known' entries (either 'Mapped' or 'Irrelevant'). The following article outlines Flexera Resolution goals for gap-fill. 


  • Data Source: An operational IT tool which collects hardware and software data to be normalized
  • Unmatched Data: Hardware and software data from a Data Source that is not successfully normalized by Flexera Normalize, excluding custom software and hardware
  • Gap-fill: Process by which customer submits Unmatched Data from a Data Source and Flexera provides normalized result back to Flexera Normalize

Resolution Goals

  • Flexera will provide Gap-fill for all Unmatched Data from customer's Data Source for Tier 1 and Tier 2 vendors as specified in Technopedia Catalog within 30 days
  • Flexera will provide Gap-fill for any Unmatched Data from a customer's Data Source for any Tier 3 vendor with more than twenty (20) installations of a single product within 30 days
  • For large submissions of initial Unmatched Data, Flexera will provide an estimate for Gap-fill within 3 business days. (Customer must submit a support incident to request this estimate.)

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