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Symptoms: (Please read ALL carefully)

1)Getting the below error (error attached) while configuring the User Console after updating the service account password.



2)Data Platform configuration wizard was completed successfully. The new password was updated at all places.

Can login to Admin Console UI with new service account password. However User console wizard fails when trying to update the new password.

3)User Console/Logs/setup.log:

INFO Create JDBC data source.
ERROR Unable to get datasources list. Access might have been denied.



The service account password cannot contain certain special characters which cause authentication issues with User Console application and the database.

These special characters are:

<, >, /, |, \, =, :, ‘



1)Please change the service account password and ensure it does not contain the above special characters.

2)Run Data Platform configuration wizard and ensure it completes without errors.

3)Run user console configuration wizard and ensure it completes without errors.


If this still does not help resolve your issue, please refer to the below KB for additional troubleshooting:


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