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Unable to Start User Console Service while running User console Config Wizard.

The startup time exceeds the default timeout and fails with error:

ERROR BDNA.NormalizeBI.Setup.SetupException: BDNA User Console service startup failed.

ERROR Install failed.



You can increase the timeout by adding an additional parameter OnlineTimeout in the NBI.configuration.config to customize service startup timeout.

The file is located at:

<User Console Install directory>/conf/NBI.configuration.config

 Example of how the file looks like when this parameter is added:


If the above parameter is missing in NBI.configuration.config file, or the value is negative number, the default value (300) is used.

NOTE : This value is in seconds.

After the above parameter is added the custom value 1200 seconds = 20 minutes is used.

There is a logging message in setup.log which shows the effective change:

INFO Service online timeout is set to: 1200 seconds


1)Make the above changes in NBI.configuration.config file and save this file.

2)Restart the User console service.

3)Rerun the User Console configuration wizard.


NOTE : This is supported on version 5.5.10 and above.


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