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This KB article is to document the steps on how to extract/zip the input data source in detail:

1. Open <Data Platform Installation Directory>/Data Platform/Bin/Extractor.exe

2. Import the extract config file by clicking the "Browse" button.

3. Complete the Database Connection section-

  1. Give the Database server host name or IP for "Data Source" field.
  2. Give your company name for "Company Name" field, this would be used as the pre-index of the extracted file name.
  3. Give the "Database schema name" for "Initial Catalog" field.
  4. Give the login user name and password for "User ID" and "Password" separately.
  5. If you are using WA authentication to login, please make sure you have checked "Use Windows Authentication" box. 
  6. Click "Test" to make sure the Database is connected.
  7. Please specify the output path in "Output Path" filed. Else, it will save the extracted zip file by default in the /Data Platform/Bin/ folder.
  8. Click "Execute" button to start extracting.
  9. Once it completes, you will see the below:

Here is an example:




  1. The extractor.exe executable file only can be run under the Bin folder, if it needs to run outside the Bin folder, please go to Flexera "Product Download Center" to download a standalone version.
  2. If connecting to the Database using WA model, please make sure the current logon account has the access to the database server, otherwise, please run the Extractor.exe as the DB login account.
  3. If you are not able to find the extractor config file, please go to Admin UI, and click on pencil icon next to the data source that needs to be extracted, then go to data source tab and click "View" button, then copy and save the queries in a file with a .config extension.
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By Moderator Moderator

The standalone version of the extractor tool does not appear  to be available from the  "Product Download Center".

Level 5

I agree with @tschaus I cannot find the standalone version of the extractor. Can somebody help with locating this?

Thank you.

By Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran

I just uploaded a copy of the standalone extractor that we currently have to this KB article.

Level 5

Thank you @gliu. Is this standalone version available in the Product and License Center as well? I'm asking because it will make it easier to get the latest version of it when needed. 

Thank you,

By Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran

@juanr1vargas no, it's not available for download in the Product and License Center (PLC) at this moment, we will upload a copy to the PLC.

Level 5

Thank you very much @gliu 

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