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Solved Data Platform Not Reporting Correct Windows 10 Version

We have Data Platform 2022 installed. It gets its normalized info from FlexNet Manager Suite 2020 R2. Both are on-prem. I have a client system running FlexNet Inventory Agent 2022 R2 and even though i check the .NDI file which shows Microsoft Windows...

jtown54 by Level 3
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Mashup Pass Thru?

Is it possible to build a mashup and pass data through even if it doesn't match on anything?  For example if I had a spreadsheet with all assets and their serial number.  Could I have it match on serial number but still pass through the items that do...

Solved User Console spinning

I was following this knowledge article to set the timeout value to a different value.  After the change the user console now just spins and no one can login.  I set the value back to the original value of 30 and same issue How to update login timeout...

SQL feature components

Hello,  The data platform installer is looking for SQL server 2016 feature pack components. When I go to the official site to download the feature pack there are various components to select from.  Is there a list anywhere of feature pack components ...

GDPaulB by Level 3
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normalization process field is missing in logs

Hi Team,We are going to create a email alert  in splunk for whenever normalization, technopedia  job is failed. But in FDP server logs we cannot find the Normalization job name and technopedia job name which we are seeing in console.  Please guide us...

Content Requests - Flexera Process

Hi, What is the exact process for Flexera identifying new products when raised via a content request to be added to Technopedia? I have raised several requests in recent months and have received similar responses for some products along the lines of ...

Solved Installer Evidence to Technopedia Entry

Is there a way to see what installer\file evidence is associated with a Technopedia Entry?  Much like you can do in FNM you can see the evidence associated with ARL entries even for applications not installed.  I know this can be done within the Mapp...

Solved Pentaho and service account interactive logon

My cyber security team granted us an exception a year ago for the Data Platform svc account to have interactive logon so we could install and configure DP. Our exception is up and they are asking when/if Flexera is working with Pentaho to remove this...

Mashup - Manufacturer ID

Has anyone used the Manufacturer ID for a mashup key?  I see that the ID is in the following format when I export if from Technopedia - 4,124, 4,125, etc.  Wondering what the correct format is for the ID when bringing data in through a mashup and usi...

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