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Technopedia API

Hi, My client bought FNMS with Technopedia, but not the ITV, ie we are not going to install Dataplateforme servers.he told me about the Technopedia connector with API that can be connected to FNMS.Anyone know where I can find the procedure? Regards, ...

Solved 'Is Licensable' showing as '-'

When viewing 'Is Licensable' value on Analyze reports it displays '-' for all software, even 'Flexera Data Platform'. When viewing the Technopedia 'Is Licensable?' value it is set correctly to Yes for software like Flexera Data Platform. Tables [CAT...

Issue with patch hanging for 5.5.65

If you are currently using perpetual licenses then please update you perpetual licenses to use the 9.3 version for User Console. If the issues persists afterwards, then you can try the following steps below. There is currently a bug with the 5.5.65 p...


Query - Rollback plan for Patch Set Update

Hi Folks,I have generally query on rollback plan for Patch set update. If we are applying new patch and received any error, then do we have any rollback plan to use previous version (old working version)?  For example, we can make changes in registry...

Analyze Sync process not finishing

I have an issue that the Analyse process takes more than an hour to complete. During this process the the established remote connection between the Admin Console and User Console is idle. The Firewall between the server's timeouts the idle connection...

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