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How to reduce the publish time

Is there anyway to reduce the time required for the publish phase of a normalize process.  As you can see below this step is consistently taking over 9 hours.2020-11-15 4:57:30 [HP UD] published.2020-11-14 17:42:50 Publish inventory started. [HP UD]....

Solved Business adaptor

Hi!!!!I need to add a consumption that I extract through a csv to a license created in flexera. I am using a Business adaptor, through which it will look for the corresponding license from the CSV list and it would load in this case the daily consump...

Tables used for Private Catalog

What are the names of the tables used by the private catalog?  What tables are written to, when you create a Private Manufacturer and Product within? Thanks

tbehm5 by Level 2
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Tanium Asset

where would one find the instructions to set up Data Platform to use Tanium Asset as a discovery source for Normalize,  I see the instructions for the Tanium base module but Tanium Asset is a separate module  used for hardware and software assets dis...

vtanana by Level 3
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Upgrading sql 2012 to 2016 for BDNA DataPlatform

Hi All,Our BDNA DataPlatform currently on 5.5.30 and SQl is 2012.DB Administrators need to update SQL 2012 to SQL 2016.I believe it is compatible, but do we need to take any action from our end before DBA update the SQL. Post activity we definitely g...

SQL Server EOL OBS date

When running an analyzer report for outdated SQL server versions, the report shows multiple instances of EOL/OBS versions. A recent audit of our environment from an outside company states we do not have any outdated versions of SQL server. Can anyone...

cjones by Level 3
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