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Upgrading ServiceNow to Orlando

Do we need to upgrade our version of Normalize or Technopedia in ServiceNow when we upgrade our major version of ServiceNow from New York to Orlando?

Flexaradataplatform Admin console currently uses http

Hi Team,We have an issue in our Flexera system normalisation admin console using http to start the admin console.But for user admin console we are using https connections to connect for Normalization.Link:

Models missing!!

When models are missing from the database, our team has been opening up cases in a manual effort. Are there any ways for us to automatically alert relevant teams and get the database updated?  

Where can I find Normalize_SamPremium4.5.7.xml ?

Hello I am looking for the Normalise update set called Normalize_SamPremium4.5.7.xml for ServiceNow referenced in the "ServiceNow Support Matrix" in the Data Platform Product Documentation.I have also looked in PLC and don't see it there. Could someo...

BDNA Error!!!

I am still waiting for confirmation that my account is linked with our Corp. account so I can open a support ticket. However we keep getting "An Error Occurred While Importing Task [16973] with a SolarWinds connection.I know at one point support gave...

Compare normalized inventory with other systems

Has anyone been able to compare Data Platform normalized inventory with other systems?  We have Data Platform, Snow License Manager, among others.  There doesn't seem to be any common fields to match on with Snow Software License Manager?  I've posed...

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