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Solved Private Catalog

We have many many "in house" built applications that we want to add to the private catalog.I know how to add them one by one, but wondered if there is a way to add more than one application at a time into the privat catalog ?      

Data Platform Cloning Prod to Dev

Hello,I'm looking for a steps for cloning Data Platform from production environment to non-production development environment for testing and new integrations development purpose.Does anyone have experience with this?Thanks!Pavol 

Global Deployments

Hi There,Looking for some advice/experiences with global deployments. We are looking to deploy data platform into a global organisation with users globally dispersed and looking for any advice on location or tips for performance. Primary users in Aus...

Solved How is Technopedia categorization created?

I have a similar question regarding how Technopedia categorization is created.  Are the vendors providing this, or is it being derived.  Is it possible to provide the software category and software sub category based on the FEA Infrastructure Referen...

Solved Flexera Data Platform 5.5.36 release notes

Hi, I am in the process of upgrading my virtual environment to Flexera Data Platform 5.5.36, but where do I get the release notes for the Admin-Console and the User-Console? Thanks & best regards Oliver

oqueck by Level 6 Flexeran
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Data Platform Roadmap Now Available for View

Hi, all! Reserve six minutes of your time to view the Data Platform - What's New and What's Coming roadmap recording. Sign in to the community and visit to gain access(sign-in required). If you...

KPBussey by Flexera Alumni
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Technopedia Lookup

Used to use this link: in order to check to if there was something in the catalog.  Does anyone know if there is a new link to provide the same feature for search?

mbleau by Level 2
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How to reduce the publish time

Is there anyway to reduce the time required for the publish phase of a normalize process.  As you can see below this step is consistently taking over 9 hours.2020-11-15 4:57:30 [HP UD] published.2020-11-14 17:42:50 Publish inventory started. [HP UD]....

Solved Business adaptor

Hi!!!!I need to add a consumption that I extract through a csv to a license created in flexera. I am using a Business adaptor, through which it will look for the corresponding license from the CSV list and it would load in this case the daily consump...

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