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Solved IPv6

Is there any plan to add information to the software titles in Flexera Data Platform that would indicate if the software title/version is compatible with IPv6?  

Data Platform Upgrade

Have a customer that is on 5.5.21 of Data Platform.  Would like to get them upgraded but wanted to make sure it would be as simple as applying all of the updates or since they are so far behind there is a different upgrade process.  Any guidance woul...

application EOL and EOS information

Hi Folks,If anyone can help me to understand what exactly is a data platform and how technopedia works with it and also SVM works. I am struggling to get the correct data for all the publishers and application EOL/EOS reports. Would be helpful if any...

Null Mappings - Mapping Cube

When running an Analyzer report in the User Console using the Normalize: Mapping cube to look at the raw data mapping, we have found many instances where the data mapping is blank.  Was curious if anyone else is experiencing this and what may be the ...

Error during Normalize - Could not allocate space for object 'dbo.SORT temporary run storage: 140821531066368' in database 'tempdb' because the 'PRIMARY' filegroup is full.

We are receiving the below error during our Normalize process. Our DBA has increased the tempdb space for us so that the Normalize process can finish. However we would like to know what we can do to avoid this going forward. The error states "Create ...

Data Platform intermittent error 'The system failed to connect to the User Console service. ' 'The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized.'

For me, this has occurred on multiple deployments of Data Platform across customers.Whether running a Normalization or a Catalog update, sometimes the process will fail, with the Activity Monitor and the BDNA.log showing 'The system failed to connect...

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jasonlu by Level 7 Champion
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Oracle Java v311 Obsolete Date

Flexera team:Oracle releases Java patches quarterlyAfter Oracle’s update, Flexera generally updates the obsolete date for the older version to be the date that the newer version is releasedI noticed that JDK/JRE v321 were released Jan 19, 2022.  Howe...

Microsoft AppFabric out of support date

Hi All,Just wondering if I am comparing the wrong software components... is the "Windows Server AppFabric" software in FDP the Technopedia representation of Microsoft's "AppFabric 1.1 for Windows Server", and if so... can someone please explain to be...

ActiveState Perl version information

Hi, Just wondering if anyone can tell me how to get the version information to the build level for ActiveState ActivePerl please? e.g. vs 5.10 appearing in the SW_Version field and or the Edition field updated with Community Edition vs Pl...

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