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User Console (Analyze) - Initialize the Solution Failing while re-configuring the User Console after the password change

Hi Folks, 

Getting the below error message (error attached) while re-configuring the User Console after updating the service account password. Restarted server multiple times. Can some one suggest to fix this issue? 

User Console - Initialize solution failed.PNG













Thanks in advance. 



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I have case 02759344 opened for the same.


Thanks for the update. Then I will also open a support case for the same. 

@pavol_holes ,

Did you received any update from support team to fix this issue? 

Hi @ashish_sdge, no solution yet. Engineer is actively working on the case. 

Hi @ashish_sdge, my case was just resolved with the Flexera engineer. Since I have reinstalled the User Console (because it was not working for some other issue) I had issue with the Initialize Solution step because of the version difference between Data Platform Admin Console server (5.5.63) and the User Console server (5.5.52 from the full installer) so the engineer helped me to manually update the User Console to 5.5.63 and then it started to work.

Hi @pavol_holes thanks for the update. I will also try to update the FDP platforms to the latest version.