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Technopedia API


I am looking for a current API reference document.

The PoC API key we have been given is for a v5 API, the v5.4 API document in HelpNet is dated June 2017 seems to contain incorrect URLs and the example calls are failing when I test them.

There is also a v6 API in Helpnet which is great. But is it still the case the V6 is under development still and v6 PoC API Technopedia keys can not be issued?


twitter: @CrayonANZ
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Flexera Alumni

Hi @CrayonANZ_Dave ,

I see our services team are working with you in relation to the above issues & questions. Please continue to work with services but if you have any additional questions please feel free to create a new post.


@CrayonANZ_Dave  I asked product management and received the following feedback:

The existing V6 APIs will be changing over the next few months and the new APIs will not be compatible with existing ones.

Using the current v1.1 APIs (Data Platform V5) is “safer”, as they will remain stable for at least 1 year (likely won’t change in the future).