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How to clean up the BDNA_A_LOGGER table

How does the BDNA_PUBLISH.BDNA_A_LOGGER view get purged.  I have over 16 million rows in the view, going back over two years.  I tried to run the User Console Support Tool and it hung on the first query:

Select * from BDNA_A_LOGGER WHERE message like '%ERROR%'

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BDNA_A_LOGGER is an internal logging table used for troubleshooting and by default it is not purged.

However if this table is using up too much space on the database and a customer would like to truncate it - this is permitted and will not affect application functionality.

With every normalize run the BDNA_A_LOGGER table gets populated with latest logs.

We recommend taking a backup of this table prior to making any manual changes/deletion.


1. To truncate the entire table:


2. To truncate based on event time stamp:

example : truncate everything that is older than current year = 2019

SELECT * FROM [BDNA_A_LOGGER] WHERE EVENT_TIMESTAMP < Convert(datetime,'2019-01-01');
--DELETE FROM [BDNA_A_LOGGER] WHERE EVENT_TIMESTAMP < Convert(datetime,'2019-01-01');

Validate results from select query and then uncomment out the delete statement to actually truncate the table for specified event timestamp.


Thank you @paul_meaders for your contributions on this one.