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Anyone successfully deployed SAML Auth using DP?

Hello all...

Just curious if anyone has successfully deployed DP with SAML Auth?   We have a 3rd party identity provider and and have followed the documentation to a T, and are patched up to 5.5.67.  We are using the same SAML solution for FNMS without issue.  The redirect kicks it to the provider, and then the error is seen.   The error we get logged on the provider side is: 

javax.servlet.ServletException: javax.servlet.ServletException: org.sourceid.saml20.bindings.BindingException: Unable to decompress ( incorrect header check) or inflate ( invalid literal/lengths set):


I'm going to put in a ticket--but thought i'd throw it out to community in case someone else have seen this, or has actually gotten this to work. Thanks!

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....pretty much what i thought.   If we ever get it working, i'll let you know! 😄