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Flexera Alumni

Working with clean asset data is key to getting a complete picture of all your software and hardware. Data Platform is the powerful tool for that job. If you’re starting out with it, you might need some direction on where and how to begin. 

You’ll find a great series of introductory videos walking you through the early steps to use Data Platform on Flexera’s Learning Center. 

In the video series “Getting the Most out of Data Platform,” you’ll discover helpful videos how to install and configure the Data Platform solution. And find out how to get going with the Data Platform user console, which helps you find, analyze and interpret the data.

How to get started with Data PlatformHow to get started with Data PlatformAmong the videos and practice guides, you'll be take through the main components of Data Platform and how to use it to overcome process challenges for asset management.  

Data Platform supplies a complete view of all you IT asset. More important, it uses a massive repository of data to help you cull irrelevant data. As much as 90 percent of your asset data is not going to be usable. What’s left is normalized asset information from continuously-updated data that via API.  

The video series also explains the power of Technopedia, Flexera’s massive repository of software and hardware data, and how Data Platform utilizes it to clean and normalize your data.  

Once you’ve configured the user console, other modules walk you through basics of using the console for your data management needs. You'll also learn how to use the analyze feature to generate reports. 

Other modules within the video series explain features like normalize and ServiceNow integration, as well as outline common use cases. 

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