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Opening a Support Case

Opening a Support Case

 To open a case, select "Get Support" and "Open New Case." 



Open Case Form 

You'll be directed to an online form with several fields. Please add as much detail as available to get the most out of the case.




Our online community has two branches: Flexera Community and Revenera Community. Each host discussions, blogs and knowledge base articles for a different set of products. The selection defaults to the community you were on before opening a case so, in the majority of cases, you will be on the correct community selection.

The below list details which products relate to which community. If you don't see your product in the picklist, please select the alternative option in the Community drop-down. 

Flexera Community Revenera Community
  • AdminStudio
  • AdminStudio Inventory and Rationalization
  • App Broker
  • Brainware
  • Cloud Management
  • Columbus
  • Data Platform
    • Analyze
    • Asset Inventory
    • Cloud Asset Insights
    • Discvoer
    • Normalize
    • Technopedia
  • Flexera SaaS Manager
  • Flexera Software App Portal
  • FlexNet Manager Suite Cloud
  • FlexNet Manager Suite On-Premises
  • FlexNet Normalized Inventory Cloud
  • FlexNet Normalized Inventory On-Premises
  • Foundation/CloudScape
  • Governance
  • HealthCheck
  • Optima 
  • Self-Service
  • Software Vulnerability Manager
  • Software Vulnerability Research
  • Spider
  • Workflow Manager
  • Workflow Manager for ELO
  • FlexNet Manager Suite
  • FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications
  • Saas Manager
  • Compliance Intelligence
  • Code Insight
  • FlexNet Connect
  • FlexNet Embedded
  • FlexNet Operations
  • FlexNet Operations Cloud
  • FlexNet Publisher
  • InstallAnywhere
  • InstallShield
  • Usage Intelligence



To optimize case routing, please select your product in this dropdown. If you don't see your product listed, please try changing the Community dropbox selection.



Version options will populate based upon which product you selected.



We recommend each description includes:

What: What is specifically happening within the system. Please try to be as specific as possible with the exact area of the system, links you've clicked, etc.

Who: The specific user or users first and last name who have reported this problem and/or who you have noticed this experiencing this problem.

When: When the request/problem happens. For instance, did it start at a certain time of day or geographic location? What was being done prior to it occurring?

How: Detail the steps to reproduce the error. When possible, include attachment videos or screenshots of the journey.

Urgency & Business Impact: Help us understand the impact this issue is having on your business, including any pending deadlines.



There are 4 severity levels used to classify a case:

Severity 1 - Critical: Production use of the software is stopped or so severely impacted that authorized end users cannot reasonably use it. You must call-in by phone to notify our team, in addition to submitting the case.

Severity 2 - High: Use of the software can continue; however, productivity is significantly decreased.

Severity 3 - Medium: Major software documented features are unavailable, but a workaround is available, or less significant software documented features are unavailable with no reasonable workaround.

Severity 4 - Low: An issue that involves an inquiry regarding a routine technical issue; information requested on application capabilities, navigation, installation or configuration.

For Critical and High severity cases, an additional field will appear to collect details about the reason for the case urgency and its impact to your business. This information will help the Support team better prioritize your case.



This is an optional text field our Partner users can use to track their affected client accounts. 


Attachments help expedite troubleshooting when they are available. Attached via drag and drop or browse files. You can always upload attachments after the case is submitted if needed.

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