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By Level 4 Flexeran
Level 4 Flexeran

We are delighted to announce the general availability of App Portal / App Broker 2022 R1 release.

App Portal / App Broker 2022 R1 includes the following features and improvements

Intune Windows (Win32) App support for Windows 10 devices

We have added the support for Windows (Win32) App for deploying software to Windows 10 devices using Microsoft Intune - a unified endpoint management tool along with support for Microsoft Store for Business Apps and Windows Line of Business Apps (.msi and .msix) app type respectively.

ServiceNow integration capabilities that exist in the product are supported for Microsoft Windows (Win32) app also.

Support SmartUninstall with Flexera One ITAM

As part of this release, we added support for the SmartUninstall capability when App Portal is integrated with Flexera One IT Asset Management (ITAM). This capability was available earlier only when App Portal was integrated with FlexNet Manager Suite On-Premises.

SmartUninstall allows license reclamation even if an uninstallation program is not defined in the catalog item for the application. Uninstallation of the application is handled by the Smart Uninstaller and there is no dependency on the deployment technology. Support is limited to msi packages only.

REST API for Question / Answer capability

Questions REST API will help customers who are using their home-grown IT storefront or ITSM systems leverage the Question and Answer capability.

The following REST API methods have been added in this release.

  • Getting list of Questions associated with catalog item(s).
  • Submitting Answers to Questions for an Order and its Requests.
  • Getting details about submitted Questions and Answers associated with a Request or an Order.


Update to use Flexera IAM to access Flexera One ITAM API

There is a plan later this year to retire Flexera Authentication Gateway Service (AGW), which is currently used to authenticate API calls from App Portal / App Broker to Flexera One IT Asset Management (ITAM). Starting with this release, App Portal / App Broker supports integration with Flexera One IT Asset Management using the Flexera One Identity and Access Management (IAM).

It is recommended that customers using Flexera one ITAM switch to integration by authentication via IAM Refresh Token before AGW is retired. Patches for customers on older versions of App Portal / App Broker will be shared later.


This release also includes the support for newer San Diego version of ServiceNow.

We would like to let you know that the following customer idea submitted in Flexera Ideas portal is addressed in this release.

  • AB-I-53: FNMS Cloud Smart Uninstaller support

For the complete list of features and resolved issue in App Portal / App Broker 2022 R1, please refer the release notes here.

App Portal / App Broker 2022 R1 is now available for download in Product and License Center.

To keep yourself updated with App Portal / App Broker product releases and updates, please subscribe to this release blog!

We love to hear about your experiences and feedback by posting a comment here or in the App Portal Forum. Of course, the friendly Flexera Support team is also always standing by to take your call.

Thanks for being a partner of Flexera on this journey.

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