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By Level 4 Flexeran
Level 4 Flexeran

We are happy to announce the general availability of App Portal / App Broker 2021 R2 release.

App Portal / App Broker 2021 R2 includes the following features and improvements

Integration with Microsoft Intune for Windows 10 devices

This release introduces the support for deploying software to Windows 10 devices using Microsoft Intune - a unified endpoint management tool. App Portal / App Broker helps the customers who are invested into Configuration Manager by supporting co-management capability, that enables the ability to concurrently manage Windows 10 devices by using both Configuration Manager and Microsoft Intune.

The following app types are supported as part of Intune integration for Windows 10 devices:

  • Microsoft Store for Business Apps
  • Windows Line of Business Apps (.msi and .msix)

ServiceNow integration capabilities that exist in the product are supported for Microsoft Intune also.

Microsoft Intune has a limitation of not being able to provide the domain value of the device. Due to this, if Intune is chosen as the source of device data sync, App Portal does not currently have support for license governance capabilities like license reservation and license reclamation out of the box. However, we have come up with workaround to mitigate the device domain problem, using this workaround license governance can be achieved in limited way if inventory data is available from FlexNet Manager Suite. If the customer has comanaged devices, the recommendation would be to use Configuration Manager as source of data sync to get benefit of license governance.

Integration with Jamf Pro and VMware Workspace ONE UEM

As part of this release, we have aligned the rebranding of Casper Suite and AirWatch in the product & documentation and renamed them as Jamf Pro and Workspace ONE UEM respectively.

App Portal / App Broker continues to integrate with latest Jamf Pro 10.31.1 version to deploy the applications on the mac devices and integrates with latest VMware Workspace ONE UEM to manage the installations on Android and iOS mobile devices respectively.

Support for ServiceNow Quebec and Rome versions 

This release also includes the support for newer Quebec and Rome versions of ServiceNow respectively.

We would like to let you know that the following customer ideas submitted in Flexera Ideas portal are addressed in this release.

  • AB-I-9: Search and Filter Workflows to Save time
  • AB-I-64: Support for Jamf 10.31.1

For the complete list of features and resolved issue in App Portal / App Broker 2021 R2, please refer the release notes here.

App Portal / App Broker 2021 R2 is now available for download in Product and License Center.

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We love to hear about your experiences and feedback by posting a comment here or in the App Portal Forum. Of course, the friendly Flexera Support team is also always standing by to take your call.

Thanks for being a partner of Flexera on this journey.