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ESD Service Won't Restart

After running into a problem with targeting devices for reclamation, Flexera support recommended replacing some App Broker files in the install directory with an updated version of the files provided by support. I followed these instructions and renamed the old versions of the files with a _backup extension. After doing this App Portal, in production, would not function anymore as I couldn't access the web ui and the ESD service wouldn't start back up. So I removed the newly added files and renamed the _backup files back to their original names. Now App Portal is accessible to me, as an admin, but the ESD service will not start. Screenshot is attached of the error I run into when trying to start the service. Any help is appreciated as this is a production environment so we are on a strict timeline to get this going again.

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First, make sure that you don't have "backup" copies of the original or new DLL's in the App Portal directories.  Any backups should be stored in a separate location outside of the installation path.  Second, replacing DLL's usually involves replacing those DLL's in a few different locations (usually 4 different locations).  While the files may be named the same in each folder and sometimes may even be the same/similar size, they are not always identical.  Make sure you put back the right files in the right places.  Third, check the Windows event logs to see if there are any detailed errors provided when attempting to start the ESDService.  If all else fails, try rebooting the server (or perhaps you've already done that, in which case, I'm all out of ideas).

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By Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran
I've sent out a teams invite for this morning.. Let me know when you are available, and we can jump on a call ASAP.