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SOURCELIST property for caching locally

I wish to cache my msi sources locally e.g in a hidden folder on the C drive so laptop users may self-repair when offline. Can the SOURCELIST property be used for this? All references to SOURCELIST refer to URL and network locations, can this property be used for repairing from local drive? I can't seem to get it to work?
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You can use SOURCELIST property for selfhealing but this require your original MSI (+ all files with MSI in case uncompressed MSI) to be copied locally on laptop or on network location which is always avalibale. Suppose you copy ur msi to C:\Support\SOftware_name folder than add SOURCELIST = "C:\Support\SOftware_name" in your installation command line.

Drawback of above method is it will reuiqre you to copy your original MSI (+ added files) locally on your PC and hence you may have space crunch. There is method to avoid self healing from original source media. See the attached document "Current User Self healing.doc". This will avoid requiring original MSI while selfhealing and software will self heal from Cache copy itself.

Hope one of the above method will be suitable to you. Let me know in case you feel any difficulty at

-Kapil 🙂
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